Design challenge: small guest room

This client came to me with particular needs. She had just bought a 1940 colonial that was in pretty poor condition. She did a gut renovation and wanted my help to make the guest room special, despite the fact that it was only 10 by 12 feet in size. Her questions were: 1) What size bed should I put in here? 2) Can I fit other furniture like a desk and bookcase? 3) Will curtains make the space look even smaller?

The answers were: 1) Twin is best. With a full, you would have trouble fitting in a nightstand. 2) Yes to both! 3) No, in fact it will do the opposite by drawing your eye up to the ceiling. But you definitely want a white, translucent fabric. If blocking light is a concern, you can always add a blackout curtain behind the linen curtain.

My client was very pleased with how the space turned out! After a few months, I checked in with her again. She said everything was great, except the plant didn’t survive. I helped her find a fake one to replace it with.

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