Spring Update

It’s been a while since I blogged. Life has been surprisingly hectic as of late. I haven’t been busy in the traditional sense — after all, I only had 13.5 credits this semester. My earliest class was at 1 pm. Yet I feel like I’ve been running around without a moment to breathe in weeks. And now, I’m at the espresso bar and it’s slowly starting to sink in. Yesterday, when I left painting early because I was sick of my mandala, that was the last class of my life. As an undergrad, at least. I’m not sure what kind of classes await me in law school, but I know I’ll never again get to analyze medieval Cult of the Virgin Mary mystical poetry. I’ll never again get to argue the merits of African feminism. I’ll never again see my openly gay professor grab her crotch in an imitation of Celestina, the first pimp in history.

My professor wanted to know what "personal narrative" the squirrel symbolized. I stared at her blankly.

My professor wanted to know what “personal narrative” the squirrel symbolized. I stared at her blankly.

A few minutes ago, I went to see an apartment on Kingsley because I just found out I’ll be staying around for another year. Oh right, I should probably update you guys on that! As you may remember, unfortunately I didn’t get the two scholarships I applied for, the Fulbright and the Princeton in Asia. After job hunting across the continental United States, I ended up finding the perfect internship here in Ann Arbor. For my gap year, I’ll be working at MIRC, the Michigan Immigrant Rights Center. Their Ann Arbor office focuses on doing legal work for victims of violence, which could be anything from divorce to citizenship. I’m incredibly excited to be exposed to immigration law and to work directly with Spanish and Mandarin speaking clients. My translation skills in Mandarin are null, as I’m illiterate (even after nine years of Chinese school), but I can interpret. Hopefully, this will be an awesome way to keep up and improve mi español.

As I slip off the cloak of safety that is being an undergrad, my search for an apartment perfectly embodies my reluctant yet inevitable descent into adulthood. You see, when I started looking for a place, I thought it would be simple. After all, historically I have not been picky about living situations. The dorm life was, for me, amazing. I loved communal showers, building block furniture, dirty roommates. When I half-lofted my bed sophomore year, the stands holding up the bed frame were uneven. To resolve the rocking issue, I stuffed tissue paper in one of the corners. NBD. On some level, I even enjoyed the house parties that woke me up every Saturday morning and the fire alarms that would go off in the dead of the night. Though I complained about the food, the dining hall was a haven for me — no matter what was going on in my life, I could go there and feel safe. Junior year, I had an apartment at Corner House with three other girls. Though I had to share a room and living space, I didn’t mind. This past year, I’ve been living at home, something I never thought I’d do.

So yeah, when I started apartment hunting recently, I thought I’d done it all. I could live anywhere — there was nothing that would faze me. Boy, was I wrong. In just a few weeks, I’ve gone from anything-goes to picky as hell. Unfortunately, that means that 1) I still haven’t found a place, 2) my budget has increased $400, and 3) I now need a paying job to support my unpaid job.

Story of every recent grad’s life: how do I make rent while working a job I can actually stand? Recent grad life lesson #1: you are not as employable as you think you are. Recent grad life lesson #2: go back to school. Recent grad life lesson #3: you are still dependent on your parents.

Yup, I think I’m officially an adult. What’s something you learned/are learning as a recent grad?

Ciao ciao!



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