Everything That’s Right with (My) World

My scalp is happy.

At first, this post was going to be titled “Everything That’s Wrong with the World”, a response to my political psychology professor’s lecture last Wednesday. In short, he talked about how globalization has had devastating psychological impacts on people, leading to feelings of alienation and violence. I found myself nodding along to every word he said and left the class angry at our “post-modern”, consumerist world. While my friends cheered on Amazon for the drone system they’re implementing, I decried it. Seriously, how is this a good idea when everyone is terrified of terrorism and Americans shoot other Americans for simply knocking on their door? Yeah, so that was going to be one depressing post…

Today, though, I simply can’t talk about everything that’s wrong. Because you know what? There is still so much that is right. Nelson Mandela may have passed, but damn the guy lived to be 95 freaking years old! So instead of spreading negativity, I decided to reflect on my life and the things I’m thankful for. I know that Thanksgiving was last month and I’m late to the party, but hey, this was on purpose — I just gotta be a rebel.

Everything That’s Right

  1. I finished my novel. If you’re my friend on Facebook, you probably already know, but I finished my third novel yesterday after about 40 straight days of pumping out 2000+ words per day. Now its fate lies in the hands of my agent. If this one doesn’t get published (again), I’m getting drunk and taking a long sabbatical.
  2. We got our 1000th follower. Yay! You guys have no idea how much your support means to me. I really hope I can get a real, live book into your hands sometime next year.
  3. It’s finals week. Everyone else in college probably just made plans to murder me from saying something so atrocious. Sorry…but I enjoy studying for exams…okay, I’ll shut up now.
  4. I’m not 16 anymore. After going on a handful of dates since my breakup, I pondered how terribly I would have handled the same situations five years ago. Thank god for (relative) maturity.
  5. My horse and I are making progress. At some point, I was going to quit, but now my thighs are in the best shape of their lives and so is my mare.
  6. I can play Beethoven. Somehow, my piano skills have not deteriorated after not having practiced for, like, a year. In fact, they might have gotten better? WTF someone explain this phenomenon to me.
  7. I have an appetite again. For a while, food in general disgusted me and I had to find random things to eat just to fill my stomach and it was terrible. Now, I’ll never complain about those extra five pounds again — being able to enjoy food is a privilege.
  8. Girls. Don’t judge unless you’ve seen it yourself. I know it’s the show to hate, but I respect what Lena Dunham is doing and it makes me feel better about me life. See: below.
  9. My dad doesn’t leave me stranded at a grocery store. This is in reference to one of the Girls episodes in which Jessa’s father basically dumps her on the side of a street. My dad may have been absent, but he was not that absent.
  10. I don’t have student debt. I don’t know if it’s PC to say that, but I will anyway. I’ve had several friends talk about the limitations caused by their debt. This recent study shows just how much student debt affects Americans. I don’t know how I can help those burdened with debt…maybe I will marry someone with debt and pay off half of it? Mom, calm down about prenups, I’m joking.
  11. I hear back from Fulbright and Princeton in Asia soon. Well, at least about the first cut. If I make the first cut for Princeton, I’ll be flying out to New Jersey for interviews! That’s super exciting for a languages major like me, who has never flown anywhere for an interview.
  12. I’m starting my final semester of college. Even better, I’m done with all my major requirements, so I’m taking whatever classes that interested me, like creative writing and painting. This will be my first writing class at Michigan, can you believe it? I’m also really tempted to take Arabic pass/fail.
  13. My scalp feels great. That’s a really weird thing to write, but it is such a good feeling. Everyone should try this.
  14. It’s winter. I don’t know why I love this season. Just this morning, I got frostbite on my thighs after riding in an arena without heat. My body is absolutely useless at keeping warm and yet winter makes me happy like nothing else.

What are some happy/exciting things going on in your lives? Let’s hear them in time for this cheery holiday season.




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