Happy 300th!

No, it’s not my 300th birthday. Nor is it my blog’s 300th day of existence — I think we passed both of those marks a while back. Alas, I kid. Though I feel old sometimes, I’m very young at 20 years of age. A few days ago, I got really excited about dragging Phineas to a wine/beer/food tasting at Babo Market, one of my favorite places in Ann Arbor. Then, I realized two things: 1) I’m not legal yet in the States (clearly, I’ve spent too much time in Europe) and 2) I don’t drink. Of course, that didn’t stop me from dragging Phineas out and I proceeded to have a grand old time watching him get inebriated.

Voilà the evidence:

Look at that smile.

Look at that smile.

Now that I’ve gotten very sidetracked, back to the original purpose of this post. Today, we got our 300th follower! This is an amazing feat, considering there was a time when we’d go months without a new follower. Once we hit 200, though, things around here started getting busy and it seems that everyone decided to jump on the bandwagon. Of course, 300 is a rather small band and there’s still plenty of room in the wagon, so if you’re not already in, come on board!

To celebrate this monumental occasion, I just wanted to thank all of you who read regularly. I know many of you who aren’t on WordPress still hop over here from Facebook, so I probably sorta know you. Whether you’re that guy I made out with once in high school or the best friend I never got the chance to know, thanks for taking an interest in my life and my writing. If you ever want to shed the mask of anonymity, please feel free to message me on Facebook or shoot me an email. The best part of being a writer is connecting with the people who read, and I’m always honored to put a name to the reader.

So yeah, today I feel very thankful. When I get up every morning knowing that I have a novel waiting for me, I know that I’ve found exactly what I want to do in this life. I don’t know if writing will be enough for me (meaning sustain my financially questionable habits), but I know that I will always write. Even if it’s only for the small audience of WordPress and not-so-strange-strangers-of-Facebook, I will continue to write. And, by the way, guys, I’m super duper excited about my current novel and I wish I could share it with all of you right away, but there’s still plenty of story to be told. To follow updates, check out my twitter and Facebook page.

How excited I am about my new novel.

How excited I am about my new novel.

As always, un grand merci à tous!



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