Change Is in the Air

As most of you have noticed, after nearly two years, I finally changed my site theme. I really liked my old one, but it was time to spice things up. The new photos are all self-portraits taken this morning in my apartment. The photos in the photos (whoa, inception!) are from last summer’s trip to Paris, shot with my beloved Minolta. I even added a new page, a self-interview for those of you who want to know a little more about me.

My film camera that I got off eBay for $25.

Anyway, so why all this change? You know, sometimes I love change. Other times, I’m hesitant about it. Now is one of those times where part of me is excited and another part of me is scared. When I started this blog, I didn’t care about “stupid” things like followers, likes, and views. At least, I didn’t want to care about the statistics. I didn’t want to comment on a lot of other people’s blogs to drive traffic to my site and I didn’t want to title my posts with catchy headlines like “How to Get a Boy to Like You”. Most of all, I wanted to blog without worrying about how my writing would be received. I wanted to write for myself, so I could document all the crazy events, thoughts, and feelings at the time.

Gradually, I got pulled into obsessively checking those pesky stats. When I got freshly pressed, I received more traffic than I ever did (or ever will). Still, though, I made sure I stayed true to myself by blogging about whatever came across the top of my head. I wrote the posts I wanted to write, even though I knew other types of posts would get more views. I didn’t share much about my relationship with Phineas. On second thought, if I had, that might have scared all of my followers away! “WTF, this is not what I signed up for. Where’s the unsubscribe button?”

Things began to change when I started to query agents. Since I included my website in my query, I knew they’d be checking my blog. I thought about the image I wanted to portray to a potential agent, or to a potential audience, and I set a lot of my previous posts on private. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of those posts; it was mostly because I didn’t think that way anymore, and I didn’t want people to mistake my past beliefs for my current ones. Then, things changed even more when I got an agent, and she began to submit my novel to editors. Ah! Now, if publishers were going to be checking out my site, then I had better be more careful. When my agent asked if I was on social media and networking with other writers, I said yes, but I knew I wasn’t giving it my best shot. Finally, the last straw was “meeting” a fellow Wolverine and author, Julia Byers, through WordPress. I was super impressed with her, since she’s only 18 (I was clueless as a freshman) and she’s 100% committed to her writing career.

Inspired, I decided that change was in order. This blog is no longer just for me, anymore. It’s for all 198 of you who currently follow it, my loyal Facebook friends who read it, and someday, the readers who will arrive here after having purchased my book. Now, I’m certainly not turning myself into a corporate machine and I still won’t be writing “How to Get a Boy to Like You”, but I am professionalizing myself and the site. So far, what that means is:

  1. An official Facebook page. Please follow this link to like my page, or use the sidebar on the right!
  2. Using Twitter more. I have, like, five followers. It’s pretty sad, and I should figure out how to use the damn thing.
  3. Writing my novel. This was, of course, already in the plan. But now, if I screw this up, the whole world will know and laugh at me, so there’s no way out now.

If you’re a fellow blogger, do you blog more for yourself or for your readers? If you’re a fellow writer, do you write what you want to write, or what people want to read?

À bientôt,



9 thoughts on “Change Is in the Air

  1. Rebecca…love the new WP theme. And it was interesting to read about your evolution throughout your blogging career. You have so much great content, and like all great talk show hosts, you have a wonderful side-kick in Phineas…we all wonder what trouble he is going to get into next. I am a big fan of both the old and the new you! Keep inspiring us with your insightful and entertaining posts.

    • Dennis, I actually previewed every single WP theme before settling on this one, so I’m happy you approve of my taste! Haha calling me a great talk show host is a bit of a stretch. 🙂 Thank you for your encouraging comments, as always.

  2. I used to write whatever, lol. And the truth is I have a boring , routine, everyday life. I have my travel posts, and these are the ones that keep me going. When I’m done, I don’t really know if I’m going to continue. I post 2x a month. I think the desire and enthusiasm are gone.

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