CP: Better Than Tabula Rasa

Creative ProcessThis post is part of the Creative Process series, in which I will whine, cry, and philosophize about my life as a fiction writer. In the worst case scenario, fellow struggling artists will be heartened by my constant failures. In the best case scenario, a best-selling novel just might be written. 

Guys, I’m so sorry for my prolonged absence! Some of you might have started to think I was serious about quitting college. But alas, no I’m not in Switzerland — I am still slaving away at the U of M. To convince you that I’ve been productive and not simply ignoring you, let me present to you:

Exhibit A, my painting. I’m totally at a lost as to how to finish the background, so maybe I’ll leave it blank and call it modern art.

Horse: I'd like to have some grass to eat, thank you very much.

Horse: I’d like to have some grass to eat, thank you very much.

Exhibit B, my new bad habit. I never thought in a million years that this would happen, but somehow Phineas got me hooked on a certain video game called League of Legends. If you care for your sanity, never ever download LoL. Especially if you’re a perfectionist, like me, you’ll be determined to prove yourself to the world and get that pentakill, goddamnit!

That's me at the top. Unfortunately, I'll never be that good again.

That’s me at the top. Unfortunately, I’ll never be that good again.

Exhibit C, the thing that actually matters. As many of you already know, I’m working on my second novel now, since my first ended up being rejected by publishers. As of today, I’m up to page 61 and 17,026 words and I’ve only been working on it for a few weeks. You know how people wish for tabula rasa in life? I’ve realized that, when it comes to writing a novel, there’s something way better than a blank slate — an agent. Whereas I freaked out every hour of the day over my first novel, now I’m having lots of fun with my second. Knowing that I have someone who believes in me and who gives me immediate feedback on chapters lets me trust my own writing. As a result, I think this one is actually turning out to be better than the first. So keep your fingers crossed for me and perhaps in a few months, you’ll be able to pick up my novel on the bookshelves!

If you have suggestions for my painting or tips to play LoL, be sure to let me know. 😉 Lastly, I wanted to thank all of you readers for the support you’ve given me. It’s been incredibly encouraging, and sometimes it’s all that gets me through a bad day. To those of you who’ve been here all along, I really appreciate it. To the new followers, welcome and enjoy.

Au revoir,



2 thoughts on “CP: Better Than Tabula Rasa

  1. I post 2x a month, and i always tell readers I’ve been busy…. it’s true there’s school, work, etc… but playing Resident Evil 5 video game is really the thing that gets in the way of blogging ~lol~

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