New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year from Boca Raton.

Happy New Year from Boca Raton.

First, let me say this: I’m writing this post against my will. My dad insisted that all of his children make New Year’s resolutions. Being the obedient daughter that I am (ha!), I acquiesced. Usually, I avoid blogger clichés like the plague. Those “Best of 2012” and “Worst of 2012” lists made my eyes bleed. But this time, I concede that setting goals is always a good thing and the start of a year is as good a time as any to create resolutions. Plus, the last time I did this, I ended up unwittingly achieving most of my list. In retrospect, some of my goals were bizarre. Here’s a sample of my 29 resolutions from 2009:

Satisfactory scores on the ACT, SAT, & AP tests. (Check)

Half of meals vegetarian. (Fail — didn’t even try)

Establish beliefs about God. (Fail — despite trying)

No car accidents or tickets. (Check)

Be less lazy. (Check…I guess?)

Go skinny-dipping. (Fail — still haven’t done it!)

Be happy. (Check, for the most part)

I was an odd 16-year-old. So here goes version 2013:

2013 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. 4.0 Winter 2013 semester. I haven’t been able to achieve a 4-point semester in college thus far. There’s always that pesky A- that manages to sneak onto my transcript. Or, like last semester, the world’s easiest class that’s impossible to get a good grade in because of the sadistic GSI (I will forever sing my hatred for CICS 301, Topics in Human Security). Next semester, I’ll have 20 credit hours — perfect time for a challenge.
  2. Keep up relationship with siblings. It’s hard to connect with my much younger siblings (11, 10, and 5) when I’m a thousand miles away, especially when they’re starting to become antisocial pre-teens. But I want to be there for them as their parents undergo an ugly divorce, even if it’s just to complain together about how awkward the situation is.
  3. Submit novel manuscript to three contests. I’ve already set my sights on U of M’s Hopwood Contest. My goal is to enter two other contests.
  4. Find a literary agent. I’ve decided to go the traditional route, which I’ll elaborate on in future CP posts.
  5. Publish novel. Ultimately, this is my number one professional goal for 2013. I’m not sure at all if I will succeed, but I’m going to give it my best shot.
  6. Be the best tutor/teacher I can be. I take my job as an ACT/SAT/GRE tutor and teacher at the Princeton Review seriously. I enjoy helping kids achieve their goals, and the paycheck is an additional bonus.
  7. Blog at least once a week. Last semester, I was able to average one post per week. As I get even busier next semester, I hope I’ll be able to make this quota. 2012 was my best blogging year by far — the highlight was being featured on Freshly Pressed in October. Hopefully, I’ll be able to build upon this success in 2013 and reward you, dear readers, with many more entertaining posts.
  8. Hit the gym weekly. I failed at this badly last semester, but I’ll try harder this time! My squash racquet is itching for a good game.
  9. Continue to improve French. My fluency in French increased tremendously last year, and I want to continue the rate of progress even though I won’t be in Paris again this summer. I’m volunteering to teach English to French-speaking African refugees, so I should get a lot of practice there. I’ve finished half of Ceci n’est pas une autobiographie. Up next I have a textbook on dramaturgie (story-writing), Animal Farm in French, and tons of movies (Un prophète is next on the list).
  10. Only do the things I want to do. By this, I don’t mean that I want to become a selfish, inconsiderate person. I mean that I don’t want to pursue projects simply to please my parents. I don’t want to apply for scholarships just to achieve recognition. I want to do the things that make me truly happy, whatever that may be.

There are many other goals I have in place already, so I won’t particularly make note of them. On the list above are the things specific to 2013 that I want to accomplish. We’ll see how much of it materializes, and I’ll report back at the end of 2013.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions? Do you normally achieve your goals?

Bonne année,



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