Laundry Woes

Laundry Sucks

The dilemma.

After my last intense, torturous post I figured we could all use something more lighthearted. Furthermore, this is my 100th post and I will be entirely avoiding the occasion by pondering the mundane…However, I did create a new page for my fiction writing and posted several works, so please check it out! Thank you to all you readers who’ve stuck through a hundred of my scatterbrained musings and I hope this blog will continue to be a source of wisdom, inspiration, or — at the very least — entertainment.

Anyhow, I am currently residing within an eight-story apartment complex primarily for off-campus college students. I always wondered why they refer to independent housing as “off-campus” because it’s clearly still located on campus. Why not call it “off-dormitory”? Also, I wonder why only college students end up in these apartments. Is there an unspoken rule that you have to be a Wolverine to inhabit Cornerhouse apartments? I’ve only run into one resident over the age of 25 and despite that she carries a backpack like the rest of us, other residents (guilty as charged) tend to stare at her as if she were a zoo animal.

Now, to rant about the laundry situation. I have never been so infuriated from doing mon linge in my entire life. I long for the dorm laundry rooms or even the laundromats of Paris, which cost upwards of 8€. Here is a list of my complaints that I’m sure will never reach management:

  1. Angle of intersection of washer and dryer. Because the dryer sits directly on top of the washer and the washer opens on top, it is impossible to look inside said washer. Therefore, I am always left blindly reaching my arm into the washer to collect any stray socks.
  2. Immovable lint tray. What is the point of having a lint tray if it’s screwed into the dryer? I don’t want to touch other people’s gross lint with my fingers.
  3. The Incredible Hulk visited. One day, I stuck my clothes in the washer and went about my business. When I returned after an hour, I expected to find a clean load. Instead, someone — I highly suspect the Hulk — had managed to displace one of the two 300-pound washer/dryer combinations a yard from its original location, effectively breaking the machinery. Needless to say, I had to find a new washer for my soaking wet clothing.
  4. Dryer door does not stay open. As I attempt to shift my clothing from the washer to the dryer, I have my hands full, especially since I have to avoid dragging things across the gross lint tray. This process would be significantly more enjoyable if the dryer door would stay open for me. But of course it has an identity crisis and thinks it’s a revolving door. Every time I open it as wide as possible, it swings shut, hitting me in the head.
  5. Motion activated lights. Now, I fully support property management’s desire to save energy and therefore the environment. However, combined with the above four inconveniences, this makes the laundry process the most difficult part of my day. The problem is that the lights stay on for about three seconds after sensing motion. Thanks to predicament #4, it takes me five full minutes to move my clothes from washer to dryer. Thanks to predicament #3, when I am standing in front of washer/dryer combo #2, washer/dryer combo #1 conveniently blocks the motion detector. Therefore, while I frantically shove as many shirts and jeans as possible into the dryer, the lights go off and BAM I get whacked by the dryer door. Rinse and repeat ten times per load.

Never underestimate the comfort of living in your own house. Do you live in an apartment complex? Do you have any catastrophic laundry tales of your own?

Bonne soirée,



6 thoughts on “Laundry Woes

  1. I actually like doing the laundry. It’s one of the household chores that I like doing for the whole family, ha ha ha. But that pic you posted…..I;ve never seen one like that anywhere…. how tall should you be to reach the dryer ? Eh, just bring a stepping stool, lol !

  2. I now live in an apartment complex in Mongolia. My apartment /does/ have a washing machine – but it’s the manual Chinese kind that you have to fill with water bucket by bucket and empty the same way (and even then, it doesn’t drain fully and therefore smells strongly of mold). it does a better job of destroying clothes than actually washing them. And the “dryer” is just a centrifuge that’s too weak to dry anything heavier than a shirt or two – utterly useless for things like sheets and towels.

    So I do my laundry the old-fashioned way, with a bucket and a washboard and bar of soap. And then I rinse it, wring it, and hang it outside if it’s warm enough to dry without freezing, or drape it across the radiator if not.

    And all this is assuming they haven’t shut off the water – which happens a few times a month, for reasons unknown to me.

    • What?! There are manual washing machines? Nuts! Actually, I’ve just been telling my boyfriend about how I want to do laundry the old-fashioned way…there’s something romantic about it to me.

      What are you out in Mongolia for? I’ve never been, but my dad and I have plans to discover the country on horseback. It must be cold as hell there, though!

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