Life Plan Take 438291

My path, in reality.

Throughout my long and accomplished career, I have come up with innumerable plans for my life, which, bien sûr, have all materialized. If you have not yet detected my sarcasm, let me be the first to point it out. As a typical ENFP, I have no problem fantasizing grand schemes in which I conquer the world. The problem is that these plans are tweaked, recycled, and most often trashed before I can work out the logistics or make any progress on the conquering the world part.

A year ago today, I had recently set fire to Plan A, Attend Business School. Translation: I sort of got stuck on the Pass Econ with Decent Grade part. Then, I was struck by a bout of Lack of Desire to Ever Take Econ Again. Since then, however, I have amazingly stuck to Plan B, Obtain BAs in Romance Languages and International Studies. I’m not sure how this happened, and I certainly didn’t plan it. Actually, the International Studies was more of a last-minute amendment when I decided that as much as I loved languages, I would be bored to death as a translator/interpreter.

Having prefaced this announcement with the advice to take it with a hearty grain of salt, I will now make it: I have a life plan!

Well, at least I’ve created an umbrella outline that contains so many fall-back options that one of them is bound to work out. I already wrote briefly about my plans after graduation, but I’ve edited them slightly. Although the State Department has cut down on employment in recent years, they’re still hiring and encourage undergraduate/graduate student applicants. Therefore, I’ve decided to give the Foreign Service Officer Test a shot right after I graduate. This will involve cramming facts that I refused to learn the first time around in AP US History and US Government in high school. Simultaneously, I will take the UN young professionals programme (YPP) exam. Additionally (perhaps during my senior year), I’ll apply for Fulbright, the Peace Corps, and a graduate program such as SIPA.

One of these has to work out, right? Alright, I will admit that I’ve set my sights fairly high and there is a fair chance that I will fail to achieve all above possibilities. I will defer this thought for now. In terms of the broader picture of my career, however, I’ve come up with a list of goals that are slightly more specific than “end world hunger”, but vague enough to allow for various interpretations. Here goes:

  1. Broker peace between Israel and Palestine. Believe me, I’m not naïve or egoistic enough to believe I can singlehandedly change this generations-long conflict, but I’ll be darned if I don’t make an effort to see the peace process through during my lifetime.
  2. Alleviate post-colonialism strife in Africa. This is a difficult issue to tackle, but the best way to help might simply be to provide aid to those living in extreme hunger or poverty.
  3. Improve human rights conditions in North Korea. Again, not too sure how this can be accomplished, but simple measures like preventing the repatriation of refugees can make a difference.
  4. Empower women. From the reform of government policies to the prevention of sex trafficking, this is a process that anyone can and everyone should contribute to.

That’s all I have for now. As for my personal life, I’ve since given up on sketching a clear picture of it. If a príncipe azul comes along and knocks me up — whenever this may be — then there I will commence my family.

What are your dreams and plans for your life? Do you think it’s important or beneficial to know exactly what you want?

À la prochaine,



4 thoughts on “Life Plan Take 438291

  1. I’m taking Molecular Microbiology —–> Forensics
    —–> Nursing
    —–> Chemical Analysis Lab. Co. like my sister
    —–> whatever

    I really don’t know where I’m going, but I try to cover all the bases, like I’m taking Criminal justice this semester, just in case. That’s for Forensics.

    ^ sigh ^

  2. I’m majoring in Molecular Microbiology. Forensics science has similar curriculum, although MM doesn;t have Criminal Justice and a few specific Forensics courses. I’m taking Criminal Justice, just in case. You know this CSI TV show? The main character, the head of Forensics Dept in the show is supposed to be a Microbiologist. That was the one that gave me an idea. lol !

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