RTD: Randoms of the Day

Phineas and I work well together.

  • When undisturbed, I am now sleeping 12 hours a night. Perhaps my theory was wrong.
  • I can’t tell if I like white or black more. I guess I will have to settle for grey. I am wearing all white today.
  • I absolutely adore Sweetwaters. Have any of you been? I hope to open my own tea store someday.
  • My blackberry’s lock button miraculously sprung to life in the palm of…Phineas. What a traitor. The phone, I mean.
  • KnightsPuerhTea.com is set to go live by the end of this week! So excited.
  • I have a lot of French homework to do this afternoon. Probably going to pick up Phineas from class and head over to Sweetwaters to work ensemble.

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