RTD: Randoms of the Day

  • I have a new theory. Sleeping less is an acquired skill.
  • I want a French baby. Or a baby that speaks French. Or better yet, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and English! Papa Phineas, get on this.
  • I am a wanna-be hipster.
  • The cashier at Panera complimented my outfit today and I wondered if I was pulling off hipster. Probably not.
  • Running into high-school friends is really awkward.
  • Running into the kid who lived down the hall in your dorm last year is more awkward. Especially if he’s awkward.
  • Blackberries suck. The lock button on my phone is broken, which bodes many instances of awkward butt-dials. Fantastic.
  • I’m starting to wonder who’s reading my blog…Introduce yourselves! =)

One thought on “RTD: Randoms of the Day

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