Nadal Trounced Murray!

Roland Garros is rolling to the finals! I was pleased to see that Nadal had effectively trounced Murray in the semi-finals today. I’m not a huge fan of Nadal’s, but he has earned my respect for making Federer cry and it’s always wonderfully entertaining to watch him pick at his perpetual wedgie. However, I hate Murray with a passion. I’m not a fan of the way he plays and his face just screams douche-bag to me. If I’ve offended any Murray fans, I’m sorry. And you can take pleasure in the fact that my favorite player is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, A.K.A. underachieving frustration of the decade.

Also, in more tennis news, Li Na is in the women’s final. Yeah China, represent! She is a very fascinating player who plays like none other–because she doesn’t have the sheer power or height advantage of players like the Williams sisters and Sharapova, she relies on quick thinking and strategy. I’m excited to watch her play at 9:00 am tomorrow against Francesca Schiavone. Francesca is one of my favorite female players, though, so I guess I’ll just have to root for a good contest.

Finally, Federer and Djokovic is coming up later this afternoon. I think the match is on the Djoker’s racket. Prediction: Djoker in straights.

*UPDATE* Holy crap I totally jinxed Djokovic. Fed and Djoker look like they’re on their way to a five-setter.

**UPDATE** Wow, I didn’t get to see much of the match but from what I saw it was awesome. Congrats to Fed on pulling through; looks like we’ll have another Fed/Nadal showdown in the finals!

Do any of you follow tennis? Who are your favorite players?

À bientôt,



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