A New Leaf

Well, this is new. I’ve never been afraid of vulnerability or apprehensive of judgment, but blogging under my real name is quite foreign territory for me. Being the erratic that I am, I think I will quite enjoy this new endeavor.

So why am I blogging again? I quit my previous blog because I simply wasn’t that girl anymore. This time I don’t want to hide behind a moniker; I want to be as real as I possibly can. I want to pour my heart out in the form of posts and comments. I want to lay my secrets out in the open for all to see and, if so be it, ridicule. Most of all, I want to write for myself.

Recently, it dawned upon me that I have dreadful long term memory. Upon further self-reflection, I decided that this was because I am the kind of person that lives in the present (on occasion) and the future (often), but never the past. I have yet to find the cause for this. In the meantime, I shall blame it on my father and my mother (Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, this is a joke!). In any case, I find myself forgetting events that happened merely weeks or months ago. I’m terrified that by the time I have children I won’t remember who I was at their age.

Therefore, this is a documentary. Of my life, of the oddities I once entertained, and of the people I will never forget. And, of course, of Phineas. We have quite the complicated and dramatic relationship–even more complicated and dramatic than my relationship with my mother. There will be more on that later, but for now I think I’ve rambled on enough about myself. Let’s talk about you, the people who make my life blog-worthy.

Do you prefer to dwell in the past, present or future? Does that have any effect on your memory, or am I just crazy?

À la prochaine,



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